Nobody's Girl (trixie_killmore) wrote in bdyms,
Nobody's Girl

Brandon Lee

1 February 1965 - 31 March 1993. Aged 28.

Son of the famous martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee was a continuation on the Lee family legacy. He spent his childhood in Hong Kong, learning Cantonese and martial arts from his father. After Bruce Lee's untimely death while Brandon was only 8, his family moved to San Francisco, where Brandon had a troubled school record and also eagerly pursued martial arts and acting.

Brandon Lee in his famous role of Eric Draven, The Crow

Movies Brandon Lee starred in include Legacy of Rage, Kung Fu: The Movie, Kung Fu: The Next Generation, Laser Mission, Showdown in Little Tokyo,and Rapid Fire. He turned down the offer to play his father in the film biography Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Brandon Lee's most famous role was in the movie The Crow, where, like his father, Brandon also died during filming. Brandon Lee was shot on set by a stray bullet that had lodged in the barrel of a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks. Despite urban legend, the clip of Brandon being shot or the gun being fired was not used in the movie, but was destroyed out of respect.

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